Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mike Vigilante returns

On Friday night, Mike Vigilante returned from his post-concussion symptoms. He played three games in three days this weekend. Because I get a TON of traffic looking for updates on him, I'm making sure to post about it. I told Vig he either has a million friends or a million enemies because he is a very popular guy.

Jeff Pyle said Vig was at about 75% capacity due to conditioning, while Vig himself independently said 68%. He was very precise to be funny. He then rounded up to 70% so as not to sound weird.

Vig said he felt good, he was just very tired. He actually got a little dizzy from fatigue this weekend. It was a different kind of dizzy than when he had returned too early. That kind was a not being able to focus kind of dizzy. He said he tried to keep it simple and get back to the bench after about 30 seconds (instead of the usual 45).

Vig said he couldn't be frustrated with being only 70% right now because there was a chance he wouldn't be able to play again. I asked him if he had taken the baseline psychiatric test, and he said that he took one at Manitoba camp, and then a couple days after the concussion and he thought he failed that one. He didn't take it again this time, but everyone felt he was ready.

Here the linesman repairs a hole in the net.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Vig's fans in Jamaica are happy to see him back on the ice

Johnny Sideburns said...

The rest of the world can have Captain Marvel, Captain America and Captain Planet (and even Captain Underpants and Captain Caveman); the protection and guardianship of all that is good and pure within Gwinnett hockey rests with Captain Vigilante.

True story.