Saturday, February 2, 2008

Circle Feb. 8 as Brad Schell's return date

I talked to Brad Schell through most of the second period tonight. Between the five interruptions when goals were scored, he said he thinks one more week of practice should get him ready to play for the Gladiators. (For those who need to get back up to speed, he's making a comeback from a back injury suffered in Providence camp). He said the back hurts a little after he practices, but that's because he hasn't used those muscles much.

Schell said he needs to do some 3-on-3 work down low and get more contact in. He said he'll probably start off easy in the first few games, not play so many minutes. Certainly not as many as he was playing last year (like 25). He said he's been doing a lot of bike and skating, but then there's game shape and he's not quite there yet either.

Watching all the goals being scored, I asked him if he could play D. That was a joke, so he laughed. He commented that he had never sat and watched a game in that building before (had never been injured during his time as a Gladiator), so he was seeing all kinds of things on the ice.

Anyway, his visa paperwork is all done, so it's just about how he feels now.

Gwinnett plays Wheeling on Friday and Saturday. If his buddy Lane Manson hadn't retired off the Nailers to go to school, it would be a homecoming for both of them. Schell said Mans is happy at the Univ. of Saskatchewan (where he now plays basketball), and that if he ever misses hockey he can always come back. We caught up on a lot of other people too, and talked Wolves and Thrashers.

Welcome back, Scheller.

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Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is YES, YES, YES, this is some of the best news I have heard. We will welcome him back with open arms!!! Thank You for the up to date news. Tell him we hope he is back for a while. Now if we can get the rest of the guys back look out Texas.