Monday, February 11, 2008

Columbia coach Troy Mann loses it

Coaches going ookie-balookie is entertaining no matter if you were at the game or not. Just a few weeks ago Steffon Walby of Mississippi got tossed out of a game. A couple years ago, Fitzsimmons with the Stingrays waived a white flag to the ref. Someday I'll put together a greatest hits post. Maybe a summertime project.

I don't know what precipitated this outburst near the end of the Gladiators game yesterday, but Columbia Inferno coach Troy Mann marched off the bench towards the ref before he was physically dragged back by his players. Below, first the linesman got an earful.

I give referee David Jones lots of credit for skating over to this hornet's nest.

"It happened right over there!" What, I have no idea. But that's for sure where it happened.

His team ended up winning in a shootout, by the way.


toph2o said...

From what I've heard, the game clock didn't start for about 10 seconds after play resumed following a stoppage, and that's what he was so livid about, though I don't quite understand that considering no scoring took place.

Holly Gunning said...

Ah, yes, Christine Troyke noticed that at the time as well. We didn't put the two things together though, since like you said, no one scored. It was a tie game so no harm no foul really.