Monday, February 11, 2008

Round is a shape, by Jon Sitko

I thought this title was really funny and required no explanation, but when I tried it out on my SO, I found out I was wrong. So, in case you haven't heard what I thought was an old joke, if someone says "you're out of shape," you respond: "round is a shape."

I was going through my photos from last night and this one stood out in a bad way. In the foreground is defenseman Jon Sitko, with lovehandles on prominent display. If you missed it, Jeff Pyle stated for the record last night how out of shape Sitter is. He has one point this season and is -10.

Chad Denny, Cam Brown, and Myles Stoesz are also pictured, killing time until Columbia arrived.

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toph2o said...

I got the title right away, and not only hilarious but very appropriate.