Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gladiators vs. Augusta 2-24-08

At warm-ups I was taking pictures of the Anaheim Ducks prospects. All except Bobby Goepfert, who I already have a ton of.

First, here's Matt Auffrey with a nice black eye.

Bobby Bolt licks his lips.

Ryan Dingle make a face. Dingle was a big scorer at Denver, but he brings a physical game too. You put those two together and it gives him a good chance of making it. I talked to coach Bob Ferguson afterwards, and on Dingle he said he actually needs to slow down a bit. I think Don Waddell once said that about Jim Slater too. I wouldn't compare Dingle to Slater in any other way though.

Dingle and Garrett Winder.

Dingle and Bolt. Dingle looks a lot like Joel Stepp.

Player dribbling the puck in the air. I'm not sure who this is (Eric Lundberg?), but by the curve of his stick, I'd say it's definitely a defenseman.

So here's the Gladiators' new defenseman, Joe Grimaldi.

Jeff Pyle referred to Grimaldi after the game just as "Joe." I asked don't they have a nickname for him yet? Pyle said, no, but they can call him jabroni in the meantime.

He's from Long Island, so that works. Here he poses at the net.

Who me?

Grimaldi got hit with a puck while sitting on the bench. Here he says, "it hit me right here on my visor."

Speaking of defensemen, Pyle said that Jimmy Jackson could possibly be back this week, and Sitko next week. He said Sitko was playing better than a couple of guys before he went out, so if both of those guys get back in the lineup, he won't have to play guys who aren't buying in. And/or he'll cut their PP time.

Dingle hits Ryan Mahrle and leaves him in the dust.

Brad Schell and Matt Christie on a faceoff. These two took most of the faceoffs for their teams tonight.

Close-up of Schell on a faceoff.

The Augusta bench looks up for guidance.

Pyle uses strange hand gestures to explain. Looks like he's playing the piano.

Ferguson has some of his own gestures. His team lost 3-1, but to his credit, he was perfectly pleasant to talk to afterwards. He's one of the most professional ECHL coaches I've dealt with.

We voted Jeff Mason the third star of the game for his diving protection of the net when K-Wal failed to play the puck correctly behind the net. Pyle on K-Wal after the game: "Yeah, we'll be having a talk about that."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update as always, Have you heard anything on AWE ,we sure could use him and Jackson back. And yes this was an awesome game, I took five members of my family tonight. They had the best time, and all of them said they would be back. Lets make some noise for the boys.

Johnny Sideburns said...

Jim Jackson was released by Manitoba either yesterday or today; I would think he'd be back with the team in time for tomorrow's road game, if not surely back in time to play Texas in Gwinnett this weekend.

Judging by the way Houston's turned their season around it is suddenly no sure thing that Jonny will be sent back as soon as soon as the AHL season ends; they are in playoff position as of now and they could go as deep in their league's playoffs as Gwinnett goes in theirs.