Thursday, April 24, 2008

Custance on HFRadio

I found out about this HFRadio interview with AJC beat writer Craig Custance the way most people will, off a link. No one ever tells me anything. Isn't that the way most organizations work though?

It's funny that we're hearing from Craig via Canada, where our Hockey's Future podcast guy is located, but that's the way this crazy new world works I guess. Dustin, the other voice you hear, is originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, home of one Spencer Machacek. Naturally he works him into the conversation.

Craig sounds a little less relaxed than normal, but it's an interesting quick (under 10-minute) listen. It is, as you'd expect, mostly about rookies, prospects and the draft.

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Rawhide said...

Holly...great find, thanks for sharing it! I'm gonna share this on my blog as well.

Keep up the great work!