Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rookie games played by Thrashers: 210

Last year around this time, I was supposed to put together a review of the rookies who played for the Thrashers in 2006-07. There were only two, Braydon Coburn and Mark Popovic, and between the two of them, they only played 32 games. Not much to write about. So instead, I focused on the rookies who would likely make the team out of camp. Predicting who will make it out of camp is much more straightforward than who will see time anytime that year because you're then not factoring in development (like in the case of Boris Valabik). That piece turned out not too bad.

This year, I can take the rookie assignment at face value and just write about how the rookies did, since there were eight of them, totaling 210 games played (over six times as many as last year). I'll still include a bit about who might make it next year, which was one reason for holding off until I got back from Chicago. I wanted to share the numbers now though, to give you something to chew on.

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