Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prospect superlatives

I thought it would be fun to do some superlatives at the end of the season, like they do in high school yearbooks. I'll stick to the pro guys, since I know them better. Here are my picks. If you have another pick, go ahead and put it in the comments.

Most likely to succeed - Bryan Little

Most talkative - Brett Sterling. Sterling has something to say on every topic. He could go into sales, no problem.

Teacher’s pet - Jordan LaVallee.

Best smile -- Not sure, but it's not Myles Stoesz. Be careful not to poke your eye out there man.

Class clown – Chad Painchaud was named as a joker by Boris Valabik. A few years ago this would have gone to Lane Manson. But there aren't a lot of big jokers coming up the ranks right now.

Friendliest -- Grant Lewis, Joey Crabb, Myles Stoesz

Shyest: Chad Painchaud, Tomas Pospisil

Most likely to become famous outside of hockey -- Guillaume Desbiens

Cutest couple – Sterling and Crabb. I wish I had a photo of these BFFs together, but alas I do not. Edit: Here's the best I can find.

Best dressed – Karl Alzner would tell you it's Angelo Esposito. I'd give a nod to Ondrej Pavelec here as well. I've seen him in Calvin Klein, a simple but refined designer. Desbiens doesn't do badly either.

Worst dressed – None are poorly dressed, but I did see Toby Enstrom wearing Crocs and Lavallee wearing a suit out of season once.

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