Sunday, April 13, 2008

Valabik fight photos (vs. Peoria's Neilson)

In going through my photos from today's Wolves game, I realized I had a good set of fight photos. So I'll go ahead and put these up before we get to Angelo Esposito.

We start in warmup.

Chris Beckford-Tseu to Rob Gherson: "You wanna go? Me neither." (There was a goalie fight last night between Gherson and Mike Brodeur of the Rockford IceHogs though.)

Eric Neilson, #42, lays his groundwork well. Here he's eyeing up Boris Valabik from his bench during a timeout. (Bonus points to anyone who recognized Gwinnett's Joe Grimaldi above -- more on him later).

Neilson chirps Valabik on a faceoff.

A scuffle a bit later. Then right before the fight finally came, Neilson did a drive-by past the Wolves bench and there was contact. Valabik immediately jumped on for the faceoff. I knew this was going to be a good one, but could barely get my camera ready in time.

Hair flying, the 6'1 Neilson gave up some size to the 6'7 Valabik, but wasn't overmatched too much.

The TV cameras did not need time to get ready though, in fact they seemed against Rockford to have a "Valabik-cam" going, since they had a replay that was tight on him before the fight even started.

It was Valabik's second fight in two nights. Last night I was seriously concerned for Rockford's Colin Fraser, because Valabik was sitting on him, hitting him in the head with both hands. Just pounding him. It was a little beyond the pale.

The Wolves bench watched the replay intently. To the far left, Bryan Little definitely enjoyed it.

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