Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gladiators photos: Turps shoots around and Fretts shoots for camera

Tonight I intended to take just a few stock photos to have around in case there was news on a player. It got some of those, but some funny ones as well.

Dan Turple takes some pucks and his iPod out before warmups.

Turps winds up.

Follow through.

It's funny to see him as the shooter instead of the shootee.

Fishing pucks out of the net.

Back out a few minutes later with his gear on.

Colton Fretter during his ritual alone time on the bench. He stays out there as long as humanly possible before warmups.

The team lined up for a drill.

I'm still hoping to get the money shot of Turps and Kowalski next to each other. I'm convinced K-Wal avoids Turps so as not to look short next to him. The shots taken in the hunt for it are entertaining themselves though. Two ships pass in the night...

All four goalies are actually in this one. That's Morgan Cey beyond Kowalski.

K-Wal: "Shut up or I will give you a facewash with my blocker."

Tonight's money shot is of Fretter shooting right at the camera. I did not SEE the puck coming -- I FELT it, as in I felt a wind go right by my hand. It made me jump no doubt. In the shot, you can make out the puck, in the foreground of his right thigh. Not the Lite beer sign, the black smudge.

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