Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wolves update done

Whew. Here it is. Sterling's defense, LaVallee's A, Valabik's skates, and more.

Sometime soon I will do another look at what kind of penalties Valabik is taking, as that seemed to be a big hit last year. I already had more than enough on him in this article though, so I didn't do it here.

It's a good time to note that the Jesse Schultz/Jimmy Sharrow trade seems to have worked out fine for both sides. The Thrashers surely aren't complaining as they both removed a problem and gained a player who is the Wolves leading scorer with 22 points in 18 games. The Canucks gave up an underachiever, and gained a player who is currently the top scoring defenseman for Manitoba, with nine points in 18 games. Win-win at a glance.

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WK said...

Regarding Valabik:


He's had two games where he had meltdowns: the 2nd game of the season vs Milwaukee and one of the circus road trip games, where he got a misconduct.

So far this season, he's alot calmer than last season, and taking far fewer stupid minors.