Sunday, November 18, 2007

McCrimmon to be named associate coach?

After today's Wolves game, Scott Powers of the Chicago Daily Herald asked coach John Anderson if he had talked to Don Waddell lately about the Thrashers coaching opening (well, actually closing). He said yes he had, that Don would stay behind the bench as they go and make Brad McCrimmon associate coach. (Associate coaches are sort of the junior head coach. See Jim Playfair in Calgary as an example).

Anderson responded in sentence fragments, so I'm loathe to show an exact quote, but after hearing what he said I fully expected to get back to my hotel and the news to have come out of Atlanta already. I don't see anything. I hope Anderson didn't talk out of turn, but he said it to three reporters and as many people as can fit into the coaches office, so I'm just reporting what he said. Naming McCrimmon associate coach would just be a formalization of the situation that already exists, so he may have thought it was already announced.

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