Sunday, November 4, 2007

Quick hits (Gladiators)

1. The Charlotte Checker who was laying in a pool of blood thanks to a Myles Stoesz hit, Clayton Barthel, has a concussion. The hit got him in the nose which explains both the concussion and blood. I saw backup goalie Matt Zaba cleaning Barthel's bloody mouthguard by pouring water on it on the bench.

2. Defenseman Scott Lehman wore #9 this go around instead of last year's #39. Asked why, he said that's what they gave him. I joked that at least he knew where he stood. He had his bag and sticks in hand leaving the locker room, saying he's headed back to Chicago as planned. He was partnered with Dinos Stamoulis today.

3. Dirk Southern's dad delivered his car to him this weekend, and was able to make it into a work trip. He's a scout for Manitoba and made some stops at AHL teams along the way.

4. Coach Jeff Pyle said this year's team is the easiest team to coach so far. It's not as frustrating or stressful as in years past. I think things come easy when you're 7-1 as well. I even asked if getting overconfident was a concern, but he didn't seem to think so.

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