Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thrashers Thanksgiving practice

Today was an optional, though not a light, practice for the Thrashers. Eleven skaters took part, and all three goalies. Hedberg, who will start tomorrow at home against New Jersey, came off the ice early.

Skating today:
D: Havelid, Zhitnik, Popovic, McCarthy
F: Holik, Little, Dupuis, Thorburn, Larsen, Slater, and Haydar

Marian Hossa and Toby Enstrom were kicking around in the back. Everyone was extremely chipper. Winning seven of the last eight will do that I guess.

Kari Lehtonen looked good, in fact was better in all of the goalie drills at the end of practice than Ondrej Pavelec.

Don Waddell worked in his office during the practice, but came out afterwards with his daughter Chelsea, as it was definitely family day on the ice. Below are photos of Havelid's kids, who were pushing cones as they are still learning to skate. They were doing really well though, and will be able to drop the cones pretty soon.

I asked what kind of sticks Don had taken to using, now that he's back into regular use. Equipment manager Bobby Stewart laughed that Don "hasn't got his own pattern yet" and uses whatever's around.

I talked to Pavelec, and will put some of that interview into a separate post in an hour or so after I transcribe. He is hilarious.

Here are some photos from today. The lighting in the practice facility is horrible, so you get what you get. First is the full group of skaters.

One little-known fact about the new practice jerseys -- the ribbing is light reflective.

Which makes each save look more dramatic.

A good crowd was on-hand.

Including lots of kids.

Nic Havelid had his kids out afterwards. Gotta start 'em young.

Here he adjusts his little one's cone stack.

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