Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jon Awe is following me (Wolves 11-17-07)

OK, maybe not, but it seems like it.

Having watched Awe score for Gwinnett last night before making my escape from town, imagine my surprise when I looked at the game notes at Wolves catering and saw his name at the top of the Houston Aeros roster. Awe is under contract with Houston, but this happened quickly as Houston has a number of injuries.

It was a little weird seeing him in green, but he was still #2 so that helped. He played better than expected, and well on the power play. Awe unloaded a few one-timers on the power play and very nearly scored. One went off Rob Gherson's glove and hit the post. He was paired with Shawn Belle at even strength.

So much for the weekend off Awe would have had in Gwinnett. I saw him on my way out, but he was talking to Wolves GM Chevy with rapt attention so I didn't speak to him.

Lots more news to come, mostly in the form of articles, but one tidbit that sort of goes with this is that Wolves coach John Anderson said he expects Colton Fretter to get a shot "in the very near future." He was surprisingly enthusiastic about him (for someone who hasn't played), saying they had hoped he would "step in a little bit for Sterling," but now that Sterling is back, Sterling steps in for Sterling.

Gherson, Mr. PTO, had a shutout. It was his second start, but the first at home, so the rest of the team gave him the rookie treatment. I won't say what that is precisely, because I don't want to spoil the fun in the future. A good time was had by all though.


WK said...

We'll blame you for the rain Saturday. This was one of the driest Novembers in Chicago on record thus far.

Johnny Sidburns said...

\\Wolves coach John Anderson said he expects Colton Fretter to get a shot "in the very near future."//

He just doesn't expect him to get it in Chicago, as Col Fretter (the Goal Getter) was at last mercifully traded to the New York Islanders affiliated Bridgeport Sound Tigers today for "future considerations."

At least by wearing a suit in the stands every night for the Wolves guys like Fretter, NHL contractees Chad Painchaud, Scott Lehman and Guillaume Desbiens will be suitably dressed to attend the deaths of their pro careers within the Atlanta Thrashers organ-eye-zation.

Thrashers fans should wonder why the Chicago Wolves can contend for the Calder Cup every year in the AHL while preparing really no one at all to play in the NHL. Either Don Waddell isn't as savvy an evaluator of talent as the rest of the GM's in the NHL would have us all believe or else the Chicago Wolves couldn't care less about preparing Thrashers prospects for the NHL as long as they can continue to be among the best teams in the AHL each year.