Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gladiators photos -- vs. Elmira

Just a few extra photos from last night. By the way, I will try to be better about adding the labels to posts so you can gather up all the ones on a given topic more easily.

Below is Dan LaCosta, a Columbus Blue Jackets prospect who was named ECHL goaltender of the week today. I would welcome a playoff match-up against Elmira, they're a good team with interesting prospects. Their coach also seemed very nice. They can come back any time.

At the other end, Turps watches the Jackals warm up. This is as small as he gets.

Myles Stoesz fights Watson.

Cam Brown gives Stoesz, a player after his own heart, some love as he heads off to the locker room after the fight.

Jameson Milam gets into his own scrap with Littlejohn.

He spells his nickname as "Jamo." Big bro Troy started that nickname for him, in the pre-JLo era I believe. I prefer the JMo spelling though. And since I'm the one typing, I get to pick.

Turps is so exhausted by opening and closing the bench door, he has to towel off.

And in the ECHL tranactions today, Joel Stepp signed with Pensacola, and Lane Manson was called up to WBS.

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