Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gladiators vs. Charlotte -- Turple with new saves record

Tomas Pospisil runs the stairs before warmups. He's heading into the rows here, where he climbed over a railing into the locker room. Hey Tomas, there's a side door right at the bottom.

Post railing-scaling. He's got the Thrashers training camp t-shirt on. Coach Jeff Pyle said Pospisil played his best game Friday on the road in South Carolina.

On the other side, Charlotte does some reading up on the competition.

Dan Turple adds a buddy to his pre-game shoot-around ritual. It's been working for him so far this year. He drops the shoulder...

Turps on a breakaway.
Watch for low-flying aircraft.

Pospisil fixates on the puck at warmups.

Stoesz is having a good time.

Stoesz eyes up the Checkers at the red line. I thought for sure he was cruising for a fight later on, but nothing came of it. Charlotte isn't a tough team.

Instead, Stoesz had a lot of ice time because the team was down a player all game from prior injuries. Below he's taking a faceoff.

Here he guards his point.

The game went into OT -- all eyes are on the Charlotte end.

Turps makes a save in the shootout.

Celebration. Turple had a career high in saves with 48.

Kowalski skates off with Turple.

Pyle said that on Monday he'd likely call the Wolves and see if they could spare a defenseman for next weekend against Texas. Lehman would be the best bet. Jon Awe is still called up to Houston, Jimmy Jackson is out with a separated shoulder, and Chad Denny may or may not be ready for Friday. Denny told me he'd be ready, but until the doctor clears him, it's not for sure.

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