Friday, March 28, 2008

2008 NCAA tournament underway

Clarkson beat St. Cloud State in the opening game of the NCAA regionals to get the party started. At 2pm CT tomorrow, Thrashers prospects get going, with North Dakota taking on Princeton.

Apparently moustaches are the team-building exercise of the Fighting Sioux this year. Check out Rylan Kaip's at this link. The staches make him and Robbie Bina both look about 35 years old. Funny.

Tomorrow night at 7:30, Minnesota takes on Boston College. Here's what one of Alex Kangas' coaches said about him recently.

"I just think his consistency and the stability that he brings have been great and that's just what you want," (Assistant Coach Mike) Guentzel glowingly said of his young netminder. "Alex has been the epitome of that all year long. He came in after we played Jeff Frazee (NJ) for the first five or six games and immediately had a good impact right away in his first game. He's proven to be a very stable, solid guy. He's stopped the shots that he is supposed to stop, and every once in awhile he steals a goal from the opposition. I think that has really kind of generated some excitement from our guys and he's certainly been our most valuable player this year."

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