Monday, March 17, 2008

Troyke scores first goal of season

Christine Troyke scored her first goal of the AAHL Rec League Blues' 12-game winter season Sunday night at the Cooler in Alpharetta versus the Rangers. The right-shooting left winger took a shot from a few feet off the right post, which bounced off goaltender Paul Toth in such a way as to confuse him. Troyke then poked home the rebound from the goal line. "I just followed up my shot," she said smiling on the bench afterward.

The goal came moments after the Blues forwards were wisely encouraged by their captain to move farther away from the net in order to make plays.

Tied 2-2 after the tally, the Blues went on to win 8-3 and are now 5-4 on the season. Troyke later joked about her celebration, "I think I pulled a stomach muscle."

Attendance: 6. (Four of whom were players left over from the game before.)

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