Monday, March 31, 2008

Peter DeBoer emerges as strong candidate for Thrashers coaching position

Peter DeBoer, the coach and GM of the OHL Kitchener Rangers, is also in the running to be the next coach of the Canadian U-20 team next year.

From the Mar. 28 Kitchener Record:

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Kitchener Rangers coachand general manager Peter DeBoer, one of the top junior hockey coaches in Canada, is astrong candidate to become the next head coach of the struggling NHL Thrashers."I know Peter verywell," said Thrashers general manager and interim head coach Don Waddellwhen reached in Floridayesterday. "I have a lot of respect for what Peter has done.
Waddell plans to speakto DeBoer, who is in his seventh season guiding the Rangers, after Kitchener is done hostingthe Memorial Cup in May.

DeBoer was previously rumored for a position with the New Jersey Devils. Here are DeBoer's statistics from And info from Wikipedia.

Edit to fix link to a recent very complimentary article on him:

And to borrow the title from one of Elton John's biggest hits, DeBoer is a "Rocket Man" who's destined to blast off for the NHL before too long. In 13 seasons as an OHL bench boss, DeBoer has rung up over 530 career wins, two coach of the year awards and a Memorial Cup title in 2003. Kitchener is set to host the 2008 Memorial Cup tournament in May and the Rangers have an excellent chance of lugging the big trophy around their own backyard rink.

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