Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poll results: Readers would move Sterling on Top 20

In the latest Thrashers Prospects Annex poll, the question was "Which prospect would you have moved up or down the most on the Top 20?" This is of course referencing HF's recent Top 20.

50% said Brett Sterling (who was 5th)
33% said Chad Denny (not ranked)
8% said Angelo Esposito (who was 4th)
4% said Boris Valabik (who was 9th)
4% said Andrew Kozek (not ranked)

Since Sterling was 5th on the list, we can only assume readers wanted to see him moved down. I understand that thinking, given that he hasn't produced much at the NHL level. He moved from third to fifth this time because of it, with Holzapfel and Esposito slotting in ahead. But, the list is mostly about top potential, and if Sterling works out, he'll be a sniper and that's pretty valuable. He also has his head in the right place and is a hard worker, which is important.

The second most popular choice was Chad Denny. I included him as a choice because he fell off the list this time, taking the biggest plunge from 10th to not ranked. Blog readership includes a lot of Gladiators fans, so we can assume this helped his poll numbers. But Gladiator fans will also note that Denny was seeing third-pairing minutes in the ECHL, and not much time on the power play. Agree or disagree with Gladiators coach Jeff Pyle on what you will, but I think he distributes the ice time pretty fairly -- guys play what they earn. Denny spending the season at the ECHL level isn't career-ending, but it's evidence of a problem.

I was a little surprised more people didn't go ga-ga over goals and vote for North Dakota's Andrew Kozek. Perhaps college hockey doesn't get enough pub to have that kind of effect.

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Anonymous said...

I think some of the Gwinnett people may have wanted Denny even further down the list... basement maybe?