Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Top 20 published

Here it is. Just a couple words here.

Tweaks to the order were made right up to the end. In fact, I didn't put numbers next to anyone's name until it was pretty much done. It's just so hard to order them.

It doesn't seem right that Grant Lewis fell on the list. This is a product of things like adding Esposito, and WHL commenters saying that Machacek shouldn't be very far from Holzapfel. In Lewis' write-up, there's a joke in there somewhere to be made about a psych major passing a psych test with flying colors, but at 2:30 am, I can't really work it out. It didn't seem right to make a joke near the word concussion anyway.

In other news, it may have been a night of big loss for the Thrashers, but me, I'm a winner. The guy I picked in my Project Runway pool won the competition, Christian Siriano. His collection was amazing and naturally his exit interview was hilarious. He promised that we haven't seen the last of Christian Siriano -- "people need to see more of the fierceness."


Anonymous said...

Christian Siriano: Fashion designer or soccer player?

Bigger question: Is there really even a difference?

Holly Gunning said...

Of course there's a difference. He may not be athletic whatsoever. I would have to think soccer playing in New York would be difficult as well, given the amount of space needed.