Monday, March 17, 2008

Thrashers prospects YouTube clips -- college

This is a series of posts I've been meaning to do for a while but things kept coming up. Below are some links to YouTube videos that highlight some Thrashers collegiate prospects. Other leagues will follow in a few days.

We begin with North Dakota's Rylan Kaip's January fight against Trevor Bruess (Minnesota State). Kaip is #17 in green. He almost strips Bruess -- that's one way to do it. And here he is penalty killing. If someone makes a YouTube video of you penalty killing, you know you're doing a good job at it. Or you have a lot of friends I guess.

Alex Kangas had his own run-in with Bruess, when Bruess recently scored a game-winner on him and the celebration almost mauled him. The officials rescue him.

Andrew Kozek is a goal scorer, so naturally there's video of him. Here are three goals: against Bemidji State, vs. DU, and vs. AK Anchorage. He's #10 in white. Dang T.J. Oshie is good.

Here's Jesse Martin with a scoring chance. He's #12 in red, taking the shot.

Matt Siddall was involved in a melee back in December, here you can see him wailing on Jordan Foote of MTU. Siddall succeeds in stripping him and Foote actually leaves the ice with no pads or sweater at all. This one is entertaining even if you don't know who the players are.

There's no individual videos of John Albert, but here's a CCHA All-Access program on OSU hockey. You see Albert on the bench, he's white No. 15. You definitely get an idea about his coach though.

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