Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News via old fashioned means put on Deadpool Watch

This is a few days old, but worthwhile. It came off a tech blog I read called TechCrunch which features a Deadpool Watch for tech companies who have failed/are failing. Here they are talking about the death of newspapers and radio though.

Survey results released by We Media/Zogby earlier this week show that more people turn to the internet for news than any other source.

The survey found that nearly half of all people in the United States (48%) cite the internet as their primary source of news and information, compared to 29% for television, 11% for radio, and a dismal 10% for newspapers. There was an age difference at the lower end, with only 7% of people aged 18-29 getting news from newspapers, vs 17% of those 65 and older...

It will be a long and slow death, but as newspapers and radio slump into lower and lower single figures, it’s a given that the presence of both will shrink; we’re already seeing massive across the board downsizing now in print media.

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