Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gladiators vs. Lynx 3-8-08

The lines:
Campbell - Schell - Desbiens
Dickenson - Hamilton - Pospisil
Painchaud - Brandt - Busniuk
Mason - Milam
Grimaldi - Mahrle
Stamoulis - Denny

PP1: Campbell, Schell, Desbiens, Dickenson, Milam
PP2: Brandt, Busniuk, Painchaud, Hamilton, Mason
(No Denny and no Pospisil.)

Chad Denny fraternizes with the opposition during warm-ups.

Brad Schell.

Andy Brandt.

The Gladiators put up 8 goals on Augusta's Bobby Goepfert. They were by and large his fault too, no blaming the defense here. Lots of rebounds, not tight to the post. A bad night for him.

Guillaume Desbiens yells across the ice at warm-ups.

And he purses his lips and rocks out to the music playing above.

Coming back from intermission, Jeff Pyle decides to throw a puck to a fan over the glass. Problem is, it took him several tries. Tomas Pospisil watches the drama, while Schell finds the comedy.

Pyle, as usual, was focused on out of town scores after the game, and not just ECHL. He keeps a close eye on NHL and AHL boxes, so he can do the math of when and if he might get his players back. He's watching St. Louis because if they don't make the playoffs they will send guys back to Peoria and then Jimmy Jackson could be back. Pyle said he's going to have a hard time figuring out who to put on the playoff roster based on which AHL team is the least likely to go far. I asked if it was still likely that Dirk Southern would be in the mix after his knee surgery and he said no. So scratch just one from the list of possibilities.

If the playoffs started tomorrow, Gwinnett would play Augusta because it goes 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc. I said (ironically) I thought they could beat Augusta.

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