Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Photos of downtown Atlanta tornado aftermath

I went downtown this morning, partially to see how the cleanup was coming from the tornado that came through on Friday night. I was going to park under Philips, but they had Marietta St. blocked off between CNN and Centennial Olympic Park. I think you can get under there if you're coming from the other direction though (from the west). The big crane you see below is working on the roof of CNN Center.

Here's a sign kitty-corner from CNN that advertised the NHL All-Star game. I just said like a week ago that they should take that down. I didn't mean via tornado though.

Ted's Montana Grill is now open! They no longer have a big round neon sign mounted on the corner though. That smashed up pretty good.

This larger, corner-mounted clock on the CNN deck was fine, but the time was wrong.

Here's the building the Thrashers have offices in, Centennial Tower. The police had Spring Street shut today for fear of falling glass. It was quite windy.

And here's the Georgia Pacific Building. I like how they used all plywood for the windows -- a Georgia Pacific product. Well done.

And the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

I headed down to the Tabernacle because I had heard it had sustained significant damage and many friends of the blog are regulars. There was a smaller building behind it on Nassau St. that was totaled. The beige bricks you can see on the bottom floor used to go all the way up. There were lots of smashed up cars still be towed away as well.

Here's an aerial shot of the Tabernacle taken from a parking garage.

From the street.
Tabernacle shot taken through a broken window. My artsy photo of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Ted Turner's restaurant hit as well as the CNN Center?

That settles it...God is a Republican after all.