Thursday, October 23, 2008

And you thought your team's attendance was bad

The Thrashers are last in the NHL in attendance, averaging 13,943 tickets distributed (which importantly includes both paid and comp'ed). The Gladiators official attendance was just 3014 on Tuesday. Both of those are indeed bad.

But, the AHL Lowell Devils sold just 904 tickets yesterday for a game. 904. If they weren't owned by the New Jersey Devils, who can afford to operate them at a loss, they'd be tops on the death pool.

An illustration of how bad it looks out there -- Glads stands at puckdrop, and this was the full side.

And other angles at the same point in time.


Anonymous said...

This does look bad, Sat. 18 looked better but it was not full. People love the game, but this year if they want attendance up, prices will have to go down or make some big ticket deals. People are tapped out, more than half the people we are use to seeing was not at the game. Or maybe drop the season ticket holder pice down or at least the weekender ticket holder. I know I hate to see the stands like this. Maybe management will come up with some good deals and pack the house. But we are looking better on the ice.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that it was a Monday night!! We have averaged 3000 on weeknights since the Glads came here. Kids have school the next day and people have to work, we get our best crowds on the weekend....there were more than 7000 people there on opening night...on a SATURDAY!! Now, if we get only 3000 people on a weekend, I would be concerned...but this was in the middle of the week and really isn't a big deal. You must have not had anything else to talk about.

Holly Gunning said...

I did say what night it was -- a Tuesday.

Attendance around the country is down, which is news. The post was about Lowell. Gwinnett was the team I had the photo of. If I had a photo of Augusta, for example, I would have posted that.