Thursday, October 9, 2008

The new Hockeytime USA

Hockeytime USA, the only hockey shop in Atlanta outside a rink, moved to a new location about six months ago. I didn't have a need for anything in that span, so today was the first day I visited the new location, at the corner of Mansell and Holcomb Bridge (though it's not called Holcomb Bridge right there). This spot is much closer to the Cooler, which is a smart move.

It's a little bit smaller store, which is fine because they probably had extra space before. The guy who helped me looked way too much like Dave Caruso, and was very nice and helpful. He got me fitted into new Itech 455 shinpads. I've been blocking a lot of nasty shots lately, and came to the conclusion that my previous shinpads just weren't doing the trick. The new ones -- which I'm more excited about than probably is warranted -- will get their first go around this weekend. I could have bought online, but I have some fit issues with shinpads, and besides, I wanted to support grassroots hockey in the city. You don't want to be in a situation where the only option is the rink pro shop.

Two guys came in for skate sharpening while I was there, so there was decent foot traffic.

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