Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pavelec comments

From the Chicago Daily Herald. I don't really buy this explanation of what happened though. Sounds like Pavelec is covering for his agent flying off the handle.

When the Atlanta Thrashers started him only once in the preseason and demoted him to the Wolves late into training camp, Pavelec and his agent decided to send a message and delayed his return to Chicago.

It was an uncharacteristic move for the always-chipper 21-year-old from the Czech Republic, but one he found necessary.

"It wasn't about this season because I expected to play in Chicago," Pavelec said. "We did it because next year I don't want to come to training camp again and have no chance to make a team. That's why we did it. We're happy we did. Now it's behind us, it's behind me, and we're fine."


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