Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pavelec's agent draws line in sand

There were problems signing Ondrej Pavelec in 2007 because his agent wanted him someplace he'd have an easier road to the NHL, but the deal got done. Now a little more than a year later, we have this (Sporting News):

Allan Walsh, Pavelec's agent, said the Thrashers organization didn't keep promises given to the young goalie when he signed with the team, so he wants out.

"When Ondrej signed two years ago, [Thrashers GM Don Waddell] gave Ondrej his word. He sat there at the table and gave Ondrej his personal word that Ondrej would never be held back," Walsh told SN. "Last year he led Chicago to an American League championship. This year he played in the first exhibition game and then the third period on October 3 -- they threw him into the game cold in the third period. That is criminal mismanagement of a young goalie."

I have to say I'm pretty surprised that Pavelec is agreeing to this move. Ondrej seemed pretty happy in the organization. This stinks like an unreasonable agent to me. One who went running to the press immediately instead of negotiating. In 2003, Walsh had three players holding out at one time: Martin Havlat, Marian Gaborik, and Pascal Dupuis. It's a common tactic for him.

How would I resolve it? Keep Pavelec on the NHL roster. He may be a better goaltender than Kari Lehtonen so let them fight it out. Losing Johan Hedberg would not be a big loss. A popular guy, his numbers just aren't that good.

The lack of depth in goal the Thrashers had going into camp is going to bite them, no matter how this gets resolved.


Anonymous said...

Holly, I couldn't have said it better. I think he has a great future, but he needs to put Walsh in check. Did he say why he was agreeing, or is it his contract holding him back?

Holly Gunning said...

Pavelec hasn't said Peep #1 about this, which is somewhat telling.