Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NHL-ECHL affiliates for 2008-09

In preparation for tomorrow's release of opening day rosters, here's a list of NHL affiliates of ECHL teams. It includes today's announcement that Philadelphia will be affiliating with the Mississippi Sea Wolves. I was very glad to see that announcement since Mississippi figures prominently on the Gladiators schedule. Philadelphia had previously doubled up with Pittsburgh in Wheeling. Perhaps last year's NHL Eastern Conference Finals ruined the last shred of goodwill that enabled them to live together. Last year, Mississippi was affiliated with Tampa Bay, who moved to Augusta when the Anaheim Ducks left for Bakersfield.

ECHL - NHL team
Alaska - St. Louis
Augusta - Tampa Bay (after they folded, prospects went to Mississippi)
Bakersfield - Anaheim
Charlotte - NY Rangers
Cincinnati - Montreal and Nashville
Dayton - independent
Elmira - Ottawa
Florida - Carolina and Florida
Fresno - Chicago (after they folded, prospects went to Gwinnett)
Gwinnett - Atlanta, and later Chicago
Idaho - Dallas
Johnstown - Colorado and Columbus
Las Vegas - Calgary
Mississippi - Philadelphia, and unofficially Tampa Bay later on
Ontario - Los Angeles
Phoenix - San Jose
Reading - Toronto
South Carolina - Washington
Stockton - Edmonton
Trenton - New Jersey
Utah - NY Islanders
Victoria - Vancouver
Wheeling - Pittsburgh

NHL teams without ECHL affiliates: Minnesota, Boston and Detroit. Minnesota has sent one player to the Florida Everblades so far, and will likely also send to Mississippi.

The Dayton Bombers are currently the only independent team. There are three teams with shared affiliates.

Gladiator note: Jake Anderson was released from his tryout.

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