Monday, October 13, 2008

Thrashers chat with 2009-eligible Evander Kane

Dan Marr has told me that the Thrashers like to talk to players early in the season before other NHL teams so they aren't rehersed. Well, we have evidence they're sticking with that game plan.

From The Province:

Let the watch of who's watching Evander Kane begin.

The Vancouver Giants sniper had his first extended talk with an NHL type after Friday night's 7-1 win over the Kelowna Rockets when Atlanta Thrashers head scout Marcel Comeau sat him down to chat.

Kane has been pegged as a possible top-10 pick in next year's NHL draft

The natural question when you hear the name Kane is if he's related to Pat. Look at his photo and make your own conclusion. Also note that western Canada is a long way from Buffalo.

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