Thursday, October 9, 2008

Which rookies made the NHL?

Tonight I pulled together the yearly "making the cut" list for Hockey's Future -- the list of rookies who made each NHL team. Not difficult, but a good exercise for getting it stapled into my head. There was just one player I hadn't heard of before -- a guy named John Scott, a 26-year-old free-agent signee by the Wild. But he's on IR so probably won't last.

I did notice that the western conference teams had more rookies than the eastern conference teams. Not sure why that would be. Anyone have a theory?

Next up, an "ECHL prospects to watch" article. There's only about a day and a half window in which to write it, since the best prospects get sent to the league right before games start. That makes it difficult to do with all the hurry up and wait, but this year I'm going to be more ready. It's always a very popular piece, which is somewhat surprising, but I guess it's because it touches so many teams and players.

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Josh Pifke said...

John Scott is quite the interesting character. He's six foot, nine and a half inches tall (But records it lower because the AHL/NHL doesn't like tall people). And he knows how to use his frame.

He was horrible in college as a skater, and to kick start his abilities, the Houston Aeros made him play forward (he's a d-man) to force him to skate better.

From what I've seen, he's become a better player than the non-skating goon he was in college.