Friday, January 4, 2008

Follow-ups on several topics

1. Team USA lost to Canada today in the World Juniors, so they'll play Russia for bronze tomorrow. A couple 2008-eligible players had terrific tournaments (Colin Wilson of BU and Justin Schroeder of the USNTDP), so the future looks bright. James vanRiemsdyk (PHI) had 11 points in 5 games. His name is all one word, small van, by the way. I asked him myself. The variety of ways it is misspelled would give me fits if I were him. But I digress. Team USA got some good goaltending from Jeremy Smith (NAS). An upgrade over Jeff Frazee (NJ) for sure. USA has already beaten Russia once in the tournament.

2. Lane Manson should run for office as popular as he is. I get about a hit a day looking for him. Here's his name on the Univ. of Saskatchewan Huskies roster. He's majoring in commerce. And here's a boxscore from his second game. Maybe someone who knows about basketball can interpret into English.

3. Dropping your pants on the bench doesn't pay. Jason Kostadine was waived today by Augusta. But former college star Ryan Dingle was sent down again. I might just drive out there to talk to him. He intrigues me.

4. Kevin Doell made a living behind the net for the Gladiators. He was never able to do that with the Wolves though. And I wouldn't expect him to be able to at the NHL level either. He needs too much time and space, which he won't get.

5. No one visits the blog during Thrashers games.

6. Here are a few more "where are they now" players, non-draftees.

Player Pos Team GP Pts Pts/gp NHL total gp NHL for ATL Acquired
Kurtis Foster D Minnesota (NHL) 25 8 0.32 145 5 trade
Brett Clark D Colorado (NHL) 40 13 0.33 360 44 expan draft
Mike Weaver D Vancouver (NHL) 23 0 0.00 172 57 free agent
Ben Simon F Springfield (AHL) 37 13 0.35 81 68 free agent
Brad Tapper F Iserlohn (DEL) 30 30 1.00 71 71 free agent
Karel Piros F Cologne (DEL) 34 25 0.74 28 25 trade


toph2o said...

Here's a decryption of Manson's basketball box score:

He played 11 minutes, took one shot and made it, for 2 points total, had one rebound (defensive), two fouls, one turnover and one assist.

J.K. Sockey said...

I will have to keep this short as since my lappy crashed I have had to come to the library to check my emails. Being a fan of the round balls, I was offering an explaination of Lane Manson's box score.
He was 1 for 1 shooting (FG-FGA). He was 0 for 0 in 3pt attempts (3pt FG-FGA) and 0 for 0 in free throws (FT-FTA). He had 0 offensive rebounds (OF) and 1 defensive rebound (DE) for a total of 1 rebound (TOT).
He committed 2 personal fouls (PF). He had 2 total points (TP). 1 assist (A), 1 turn over (TO), 0 blocked shots (BLK) and 0 steals (S) in 11 minutes of playing time (MIN).
Does not seem overly impressive, but I did not read the game wrap up, so that shot he took and made could have been the last second buzzer beater that won the game.

I love your bloggings. I tried doing a feature on players dropping their pants and got arrested.

Josh Pifke said...

Nice to see the Northern Michigan Alums get healthy again. Quite the contingent of Wildcats are located throughout the whole Atlanta organization (from Don Waddell and Steve Weeks, to Jeff Pyle, to players Oystrick, Milam, Jackson, Southern, and former Glad Kowalski).