Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pavelec has the best numbers among Thrasher goaltenders

I happened to notice that Ondrej Pavelec has the best numbers of any of the three goaltenders who have played for the Thrashers this year. Small sample size, but it is interesting and notable.

Ondrej Pavelec 7 3 3 3.11 347 172 0.905 0
Kari Lehtonen 19 7 10 3.16 1045 508 0.902 2
Johan Hedberg 23 11 9 3.18 1265 594 0.899 1

Hedberg has falled to sub-.900 in save percentage. He seems to get a lot of praise for how hard he's working in net, but if a goaltender looks like they are working hard, it's almost always because they aren't very good positionally and have to make the flashy save to compensate. In Hedberg's case, it's that, and the fact that he's a little small. He has a good PR campaign going for him though.

Personally, I don't care what a goaltender is like on or off the ice as long as the stop the puck. Some of the best goaltenders in the league have been jerks. Like, say, oh I don't know...Patrick Roy.

Hedberg is only 42nd in the league in GAA while Lehtonen is 41st. In save percentage, Hedberg is tied for 35th, while Lehtonen is tied for 28th. Pavelec isn't on pace for enough games.

Gamache jumps to Switzerland: Former Thrashers draft pick Simon Gamache has gotten out of his NHL contract with the Maple Leafs after being sent to the AHL, and has gone back to his old team in Switzerland. The link is in German.

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