Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mike Vigilante health update

Lots of stuff to post from tonight, but we'll start with Gladiators captain Mike Vigilante, as it's the most serious topic. Vig left last night's game early because he was still not feeling well after coming back from his concussion (though his first game back was actually last weekend against Mississippi).

He was up in the press box watching tonight, so I had a chance to talk to him about it. He said he was feeling dizzy and having tunnel vision in the second period. Verdict: he came back too early. He said he started "thinking about life" last night, and "had a long talk with myself," and decided not to push it. He said it might be quite a while before he's back, since he doesn't know the severity of the issue. I said yeah, it's not playoffs and there are extra bodies so no reason to come back if you're not ready. "Exactly," he said, adding that he thought about Myles Stoesz sitting out, a young guy...implying that he didn't want to take Stoeszer's roster spot if he wasn't completely ready. (My observation: A good captain thinks about the rest of the team like this.)

When Vig first got the concussion, he couldn't even read a book, now he can, so there is definitely progress.

Vig also commented that the view from the press box was really different. I said, sort of joking, but it's true --that you can see every mistake from up there. He agreed, saying you can see the mistakes before the guy even makes them.

It was weird to see him with such neatly combed hair. Usually I see him after games and it's a mess. A good mess though.


toph2o said...

Vig is one of the classiest, nicest people I've ever met anywhere. Truly the kind of person you want your kids to grow up to be.

grandmotherfoley said...

Vigi..we miss you but PLEASE don't come back to soon. You mean so much to this team. Vigi is one of my all time favorite players and one of the friendliest, nicest people you will ever meet.

David said...

Can we get an update on Vig after saturday nights game. He went off half way through the period after getting (what looked like) elbowed in the head... any info?

Holly Gunning said...

First, I think you mean Sunday night's game. That's when he left early.

I didn't go Sunday, but talked to Christine Troyke later that night and she said he did take an elbow to the head and was having concussion-like symptoms again. He's on the 3-day IR now. He may be out just til Thursday if it's mild, or a lot longer. These things are hard to tell with.

Anonymous said...

I did a hockey camp with Mike over the 2008 summer and he was the best teacher/coach/instructor I have ever had.