Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prospects injury update

There are several prospects with some health issues this year. Here's a general update that touches on several.

Grant Lewis returned to the Chicago Wolves line-up tonight, following a concussion. Director of Amateur Scouting and Player Development Dan Marr said that this was the second incident of someone laying him out this year, and that he's going to learn about the league after this -- when you have the puck this is what happens. Lewis was cleared to skate last weekend, so he made a quick return following that directive.

Boris Valabik was out several weeks for the Wolves as well, from Dec. 19 to Jan. 9, with an enlarged spleen. He complained of not feeling well, was tested repeatedly for mono, but it wasn't mono.

Michael Forney is having trouble getting into the North Dakota line-up after shoulder surgery. He is healthy again, but his team would like him to get stronger. (Edit: read my NCAA update for quotes from Marr on this)

Chad Denny left tonight's Gladiators game complaining of vision problems. He said it was going back to when he got a puck to the eye a month or so ago. He had been playing as the 10th forward early in the game.

Myles Stoesz has a very nice black eye, suffered at the hands of Nate Kiser of South Carolina on Friday night. Stoesz was on the trainer's table after tonight's game, but it was just the team doctor making sure his eye was OK. The damage appeared to be the skin around the eye only, his eyeball was white and clear. Here are some photos of his eye.

I think he took a stick in the mouth in warmups as well.

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