Friday, January 25, 2008

YoungStars photos

Here are some photos from chatting with the YoungStars today.

First is Peter Mueller. It was tough to get him talking about anything interesting, so I didn't talk to him long.

David Perron. Last summer at the draft, I liked him as soon as I met him, and I still do. Great player, extremely focused mindset. He can talk your ear off. In French or English.

Erik Johnson must not have read the weather report before packing for Atlanta. He had to wear the hat to make up for the short sleeves.

Mike Lundin came from Tampa though, so he brought sweaters.

Here Lundin plays NHL2K with Matt Niskanen of Dallas. I found the visual of NHL players playing a video games that include their peers, with their peers, hilarious.

Niskanen concentrates hard. I talked to him for a while, he seemed really nice.

Sam Gagner is interviewed by a Cuba Gooding, Jr. lookalike. The guy was really good, got everyone laughing.

Gagner plays NHL2K.

Here's Milan Lucic. I asked him what he was going to wear for his red carpet arrival yesterday and he said something like "you're looking at it." He only brought one suit, which was given to him by Aaron Ward. Ward actually gave him like five suits. So I took a picture of him in the Aaron Ward suit. He's talking to Eddie Olcyk at this point. I also asked Lucic which rookie most impresses him this year, and he said Enstrom.

In case the poster behind him isn't clear enough, here's Kris Letang.

Where's Patrick Kane? Apparently late landing at the airport. He finally got there when the event was wrapping up. Someone said he was "mobbed" at the airport. How big was the mob, I asked him. About 30 people he thought. And he got out alive.

Look at those dimples on Kane.

Toby Enstrom listens very intently to a reporter's question. He said he's staying downtown at the hotel with the other YoungStars instead of his apartment this weekend. He's excited to finally meet Nick Lidstrom. Several YoungStars named Lidstrom as the guy they wanted to meet the most. I also heard Pavel Datsyuk, by Perron. Brandon Dubinsky was looking forward to spending quality time with teammate Scott Gomez.

Enstrom on NHL radio.

Alexander Edler. He talks pretty quietly, so I leaned in more and still couldn't understand him. Then I realized he was speaking Swedish. I moved on.

The last guy in the Swedish corner, Nicklas Backstrom. He always has a worried look on his face.

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