Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winter Classic worked in Atlanta

I know a very casual Thrashers fan. I won't divulge his exact relationship to me, but he's someone I see almost every day, non-relative. He follows the team just enough that he can have a conversation about them. Anyway, he remarked today -- in front of Georgia Bulldog fans -- that the Winter Classic (Pittsburgh at Buffalo) was the best thing on TV yesterday. "It was perfect with the snow coming down," he said. "It got me excited to see more Thrashers games."

That's good news for the NHL that it seemed to have the effect they wanted.

Me, the whole time I was thinking "it's pretty, but it looks really cold. I'm glad I'm not there."


Anonymous said...

I will agree with your friend,"It was the best thing on tv." The Gladiators won again. Can everyone say GO GLADIATORS!!!

nfieldr said...

It DID look really cold, and I would have LOVED to be there. The outdoor game even got some dap from the PTI guys and they don't know the difference between a blue line and a clothes line.

My only complaint about the game was the constant harping from the broadcast team
about Sid the Kid. Look... we know he's good, but geez... give it a rest already.