Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Poll results: prospect to be traded away

In the Thrashers Prospects Annex inaugural poll, I asked "Which is most likely to happen by the end of the season?" and gave five prospect-related choices. It's fitting that we look at the results on the day of the first presidential primary. A full 40% of voters thought that a prospect would be traded away before the deadline, more than double any other choice.

40% Prospect traded away before deadline
20% Pavelec recalled to ATL
16% Enstrom wins Calder
13% Sterling scores 50 goals in AHL
10% Lehman sticks in Chicago rest of year

Voters are probably remembering last year, when both Alex Bourret and Braydon Coburn were dealt away. This kind of thing seems normal to them now perhaps. In the history of the Thrashers though, this was very unusual. So I would say that the likelihood isn't high -- medium, perhaps. Also, I think that Bourret would have been traded soon no matter what time of year it was. It was just convenient that lots of teams were talking then.

The second most popular choice was Ondrej Pavelec recalled to Atlanta. The luck the Thrashers have had with goaltenders and injuries made this a popular choice. It got my vote.

In other notes today, based on the Google traffic to the blog, I sniff something going on with Buffalo's AHL affiliation. Remember they broke up with Rochester and are rumored to be going to Portland. I'm guessing something is firming up right about now.

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