Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gladiators vs. Sea Wolves 1-19, Walby tossed

I went to this game to talk to Mike Egener, a Tampa prospect sent down from Norfolk for a conditioning stint. It snowed much of the morning, but wasn't supposed to ice over until late that night, so the roads would be OK.

Pre-warmups I found Ryan Munce out shooting around. I had talked to him two weeks ago the night he had the shutout. I think my feature on him came out pretty well.

No, he's not threatening me with his stick. I love this photo though.

Egener wasn't out at warmups, to my disappointment. I thought he probably wasn't there at all. But between the first and second periods, I was in the elevator with a guy who had to be a player and looked like his mugshot. It was him, and I told him I'd meet up with him after the game. That worked out well. Good thing I had just looked at the pronunciation of his name too (Egg-nurr). He was out because of bruised ribs.

Back to warmups. With Egener not out, I headed over to the Gladiators end. Here's Lou Dickenson.

Matt Anderson blowing bubbles again. This time in blue.

K-Wal entertains the kids who were guests on the bench. You can see the little helmets next to him.

In-game. This is Steffon Walby, the Sea Wolves coach.

This is a step-by-step montage of Walby losing it on the bench. He was mad over an interference call that was far from the worst call that night. It put the Sea Wolves down two men. Here he asks Munce to hand him his stick from the rack.

He starts banging on the boards. To the side, Munce can't help smiling.

Poor Rob Montepare (linesman) has to go tell Walby he's being tossed out.

He heads off through the tunnel.

While Walby had out a stick, Pyle had out a marker.

Walby went up and sat in the club level with his son during the remainder of the game. He returned to the tunnel at the end (you can see his blue tie here). His club won without him.

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