Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poll result: readers think Sterling will see 5-15 more games

In this week's poll, I asked "How many NHL games will Brett Sterling play this year?" He has already played 10.

The voting came out this way
52% said 15-25 games
26% said 11-15 games
21% said 10 games (current total), in other words, won't be called back up
0% said 26+ games

So this means that a majority of readers think Sterling will play between 5 and 15 more games. A little more than a cup of coffee. I think Bryan Little will be back to Atlanta before Sterling, so it would take a couple injuries on scoring lines to get him back up.

Sterling has 21 goals in 30 AHL games this year, and with 42 games left in the season, is on pace to score exactly 50 goals (he had 55 last year). He's +5, on a team that ranges from +18 (Joel Kwiatkowski) to -11 (Scott Lehman).

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Anonymous said...

Brett Sterling is a punk. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tom Gilbert lay him out when they were both still in college. I saw him get hurt in Milwaukee last week. Was it bad?