Friday, January 4, 2008

If you want to get a smile out of him, ask Doell about his chapstick

Whenever I talked to Kevin Doell when he was with the Gladiators, he always looked scared -- like I was 60 Minutes doing an expose or something. But I found one way to get a smile out of him -- ask about his chapstick. Evan Nielsen gave him grief, saying he was addicted to it. The evidence says he was right. Doell uses only a particular brand -- Labello, made in Canada. I got some for myself to try it. I figured if it's so good he has to import it, I need to try it. I must say, it's a very good product, superior to all other chapsticks I have tried. It's got an extremely smooth texture, and comes in several mild flavors. I use it only in moderation though, so as not to become dependent. I've had the same tube since Doell was with the Gladiators.

Neosporin Lip Treatment is also a very good lip product if you have cracked lips. It has a very subtle tingly sensation and good flavor, as medicines go. And it heals them right up.


Anonymous said...

Ok you got me what kind of Labello was it? How Hard is it to get, and how much is it ? Hey if it's good enough for Doell, then maybe he knows something us in the south don't.

Holly Gunning said...

I'm not sure what flavor he uses. It's easy to get in Canada, any drugstore or grocery store, but you can't buy it here at all. You pretty much need to go to Canada, or have someone send it to you. I sent one of our writers a media guide, and he sent me the Labello. A fair trade I think.