Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thrashers and others on the All-Star red carpet

Here are the last bunch of photos from the All-Star game. I took these with an unfamiliar camera, but I think they came out OK.

Penguins mascot Iceburgh works the crowd like a pro. Look at all those smiling faces.

Alexander Ovechkin signs autographs.

Here he's interviewed by MTV Canada. I heard him say that the suit was Dolce. I had noticed his belt was earlier, but apparently the entire outfit was. A flashy designer for a flashy player.

Does someone dare sneak up behind Zdeno Chara? No.

Kovalchuk signs.

Marian Hossa waves goodbye as he heads for the door. I'll keep this shot handy...

Marc Savard signs autographs with his sons in tow (the little #91's)

Enstrom, in case you missed him. He was almost through the door and he heard me say "Toby," and popped back out for a photo.

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Maal said...

Thaaaaank you for the photo of Savvy!!