Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shred Rich Rodriguez promotion by the Nailers

You gotta love this "Shred Rodriguez" Night promotion by the ECHL Wheeling Nailers. I especially like the Ohio State "mutual distaste" bit.

WHEELING, WV – The Wheeling Nailers, the “AA” affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers, have announced today that this Saturday will officially be “Shred Rich Rodriguez Night” at WesBanco Arena when the Nailers host the Charlotte Checkers at 7:35pm.

Rodriguez, who took the time to shred every file in his WVU office before departing to become the head coach at the University of Michigan, will have the favor returned at the Nailers game on February 2.

The Nailers are offering discounted tickets to any fan that brings in a newspaper article or picture of the former West Virginia University football coach to contribute to the industrial sized paper shredder that will be stationed in the concourse.

Additionally any fan who wears WVU apparel to the game will receive $2 off their ticket price. Ohio State fans will also receive the discount by wearing their gear to the game to demonstrate their mutual distaste for Michigan.

Any fan caught wearing University of Michigan apparel will be charged double in order to help Rodriguez pay his $4 million buyout to WVU.

If your first name is Rich or your last name is Rodriguez your ticket will be $8.25. If your name happens to be Rich Rodriguez you will get in free. Except, of course, if you actually are Coach Rich Rodriguez then you will be barred from the building and escorted outside state lines.

Escorting someone outside state lines isn't hard to do in Wheeling, as it's only about 10 steps to either Ohio or Pennsylvania.

In a somewhat related story, here's an essay by NewsHour with Jim Lehrer reporter Richard Rodriguez about his name and the Latinization of America. I saw it on TV, told in Rodriguez's soothing voice, but I'm glad there's a printed version for those who didn't catch it.

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Johnny Sideburns said...

A lot of hate for the University of Michigan in the ECHL; last year the Dayton Bombers played a home game on the same day as the Michigan-Ohio State football game; they moved the start time back to accomodate fans who were either in Columbus, OH watching the game or just wanted to watch the end of the game on TV before heading to the Nutter Center. Walk-ups in OSU gear got $2.00 discounts on their ticket price, but walk-ups in UM gear had to pay $2.00 over list price for their tickets.

However, unlike other schools (*cough* Northern Michigan) most of the University of Michigan's hockey players go on to play in higher leagues so there probably aren't enough of them in the ECHL to be offended.