Thursday, January 3, 2008

Matt York signs with CHL Mudbugs

Occasionally I know something's up with a player just by the the unusual amount of Google traffic on him coming to the blog. Today I got three searches on "Matt York" all coming from Arkansas and Texas -- strange no? I investigated and found that he's signed with the Central Hockey League Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs. I guess Jeff Pyle wasn't able to convince him to come back to the Gladiators.

Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs head coach Scott Muscutt expects forward Mike Falk and defenseman Matt York to play Friday in a home game against Oklahoma City.

Falk, a 27-goal scorer last season, completes the David Cacciola trade with New Mexico last season. York comes to the Mudbugs from Italy.

Falk and York will replace Dale Lupul and Karlis Zirnis. Lupul was granted a leave of absence while a leg injury will force Zirnis to the 30-day IR.

"You hate to see guys get banged up and bumped up and bruised up," said Muscutt, as he was completing the contract of Falk and York. "If ever there was an opportunity to see some other guys play, this is it.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that,but I wish him the best of luck. Maybe next year? Have you got any more news on Brad Schell? Are we getting K-Wal, and Awe back soon? How is Vig, and Jackson doing?
Thank you from Gladiator Land.